You will find that high quality mastering and client service at The Ranch is surprisingly affordable. Because each project is unique with regard to studio time needed, deliverables (Mastered For iTunes or other digital download provider specifications, vinyl transfers, high resolution, PMCD or DDP), and budget, please contact me and/ or fill out the form below to get a cost estimate. I will respond to your request within 24 hours, and we'll discuss the number of tracks that need mastering and program length, how the mastered audio is to be used, and any deadlines that you need to meet. Request a quote


Booking a session:

Sessions are by appointment, and attended sessions are welcome at The Ranch (but not required, of course). Contact me for availability. You may submit your mixes any time in advance of your session date.  

What to send:

Send all final mixes along with any alternate mixes that need mastering (instrumentals, vocal ups, radio edits, etc.). In addition, send any other reference mixes that have been created, such as mixes with pre-mastering processing that have been used for approval. If you have created a sequence that you would like to be followed exactly, please send a stereo mp3 reference of the entire sequence, if possible. Lastly, supply a list of final song titles, artist name, and album title exactly as you want them to appear.


Ready to master?  

If you are unsure as to what mastering can do for your mixes, then it may be best to send one or two tracks in for me to review and master. Even if you have been through the mastering process before, but find you are in an unfamiliar mix environment, investing in an hour or so of studio time to do this can reveal any potential issues with your audio and ultimately save you time and money.  

Please note that sessions must be paid in full before any mastered files can be delivered.